Dr. Abele’s handouts from his lectures on Thyroid Cytology

The NCI Thyroid FNA – State of the Science Conference was held on October 22-23, 2007 at its campus in Bethesda. In early 2008 the NCI published on line at the conference website the findings of each committee. Although that dedicated NCI website has been taken down, you can still download that entire document.

Dr. Abele presented the findings of Committee 3, the Techniques Committee, at the NCI conference and wrote the section of the final NCI document FNA Aspiration Devices, Needles And Methods and also The Role Of Anesthesia For Palpable And Non-Palpable FNA And Instructions For Its Use

Dr. Abele’s NCI presentation slide set.

Download Dr. Abele’s handout from his lecture Thyroid FNA Cytology Indeterminate Dx Dissected: Follicular, Papillary, Or Neither from his presentation at the AAO-HNS (San Diego, October 5, 2009) — Miniseminar Thyroid Nodule FNA Update: When to Do it, When Not, and How.

Download Dr Abele’s additional slides to his Harvard Surgical Pathology Review 2011 course from January.

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