Medical-Legal Services


Medical-Legal Services


OutpatiGavel & Stethoscopeent Pathology Associates provides medical-legal consultation to credible defense and plaintiff’s council with particular emphasis on gynecological pathology and cytopathology, including Pap Smear and Fine Needle Aspiration issues.

Outpatient Pathology Associates’ experience in this field began in the mid-1980’s. At that time, there was little interest in non-forensic medical-legal consultation in the pathology community. Approached by attorneys, John S. Abele found consultation in medical malpractice issues to be a natural extension of his academic teaching activities. Over the years Dr. Abele and the other OPA pathologists have had the opportunity to provide assistance in a wide variety of cases.

Our services include background consultation as well as deposition and trial support as expert witnesses.

Our goal is to provide the reliable and realistic assessment of facts in light of the basic concept of the standard of care.

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